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Welcome, brave heart, to Steel Mace Valkyrie (SMV) is your fortress of vitality, endurance, and camaraderie. As the most formidable fitness tribe in the province, we extend far beyond the mere swing of a mace, into a voyage of self-discovery, triumph, and hearty laughter.

Our clan offers a wealth of resources, from intricate battle tactics (fitness classes) to sustenance strategies (nutrition coaching), to arm you for your quest for fitness. As an esteemed member of our Shield Wall, you’re joining a vibrant, loyal horde, pledged to your cause of achieving fitness goals and beyond. So, tie your boots, pick up your mace, and join us in a raid on the stronghold of fitness – because here in the hallowed halls of SMV, you belong.

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Aging with Valor: Senior Warriors’ Tales from Steel Mace Valkyrie

Join the ranks of Steel Mace Valkyrie's mightiest seniors! Read the battle-tested stories of our elder warriors as they conquer fitness realms with strength, humor, and unyielding spirit. Discover how SMV transforms lives, one mace swing at a time!

The Origin Story of Steel Mace Valkyrie: My Fitness Journey

Welcome to SMV! Allow me to introduce myself and share the incredible journey of how Steel Mace Valkyrie came to be. My Humble Beginnings: The At-Home Workout Days My name is Brandee, and once upon a time, I was your typical at-home DVD workout…