Aging with Valor: Senior Warriors’ Tales from Steel Mace Valkyrie

Step into the halls of Steel Mace Valkyrie, where senior warriors gather to share their tales of valor and victory. From grandmothers wielding steel maces with the might of Valkyries to grandfathers rediscovering their warrior spirit, these testimonials are not just stories – they are sagas of transformation and triumph. Join us as Tammy, Donna, Judi, Scot, and Tony recount their journeys, full of laughter, strength, and the indomitable spirit of the Viking heart.


Hi. I’m Tammy. I’m a 64-year-old (I will be by the time your blog comes out?) gramma and one of the original Army members at SMV.

I’ve always liked challenging myself and trying new things to keep me active. A lot of my “firsts” started at age 50 and beyond (races from 5k to half marathons, doing a Spartan sprint, hip hop classes😂).

I started swinging steel mace with Brandee in 2017. We were both students of the mace at the time. I loved it! It was something different and badass. Brandee loved it so much she went on to get certified in both steel mace and steel mace flow.

When Valkyrie spread her wings and opened her own space in 2019 I followed. SMV could offer me everything I was looking for in a gym.
SMV has helped me stay strong. It’s helped my flexibility and mobility. It helps me stay healthy and vibrant! It challenges my body and my mind. These are all things that are very important to me as I enter my “Golden” years.
Being able to sit on the floor and get up without struggle, being able to hop up on the counter to reach something in the high cupboards or hoist myself out of the pool using my upper body strength when I’m swimming with my grandkids, or being able to ‘wipe it’ on ice while out for a winter walk and get up unscathed. Being able to participate in our annual swing competitions and keep up with my gym pals is pretty cool too. These things are HUGE to me. I have no doubt that I’m able to do these things because of all the different classes offered and that I participate in at SMV.

I love everything about SMV. Valkyrie’s passion for her Army is evident from the moment you walk in. She challenges you to be your best. Her style of training is unique as is her sense of humour and story telling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer, a seasoned athlete, young or not so young, everyone belongs at SMV. We’ve got a cool little family vibe going and we really care about each other.
I love that!

– Tammy, A Lifer 😉


I’ve been training with Brandee from the beginning, I continue to train with her because she is genuinely committed to both the mental and physical well-being of her students. She teaches a variety of classes, is welcoming, and has a sense of humour that brings so much laughter to the class, the time goes by quickly and leaves you wanting more. As I age, I was looking for a trainer that would help me with my journey towards wellness, strength and flexibility, Brandee has exceeded my expectations and that is why I have continued with Steel mace Valkyrie for years. I would highly recommend that you join our tribe .

– Donna


In 2019
I went to an introduction to Mace at SMV to support Brandee’s new venture. I had no intention of continuing but I fell in love with Mace. I stayed not only for the great workout but for the wonderful gym Brandee has created. It is so welcoming. We are not just gym members but a family. We share laughter in every workout and provide each other support and encouragement. There is no where like it. I can’t imagine my life without SMV and our army in it.

– Judi


One of my first experiences with a mace was witnessing my wife swing it into the header between the living room and kitchen. Cool. Shortly after that she convinced me to attend a mace workshop. I was hesitant because I had poor stability in my left shoulder which caused it to dislocate when moved in a certain direction. After several months of gradual mace training I have experienced a considerable improvement in stability and function. The classes are fun and challenging and maybe just a little crazy. I always leave invigorated and in a good mood.

– Scot


About a year ago I was paying a gym membership to a place I had was going to an average of 4 to 5 days a week. For some reason, we stopped training with any regularity. I had lost my passion for it. Perhaps I got bored.

That bothered me, because at my age (60 in 4 months) I was beginning to feel my body breaking down, and that needed to change.

So I started researching different training options.

That’s when I found SMV. It looked interesting so I decided to give it a try. From the moment I met Brandee I knew I had found the right place to be. Her style of instruction fits me perfectly.

Along with that, her SMV Army made me feel welcome and are just as encouraging and supportive as Brandee is herself.

The training is tough as hell yet I crave more because of the atmosphere of the gym. I now attend between 5 and 6 days a week and after my last medical appointment have been given a clean bill of health.

Thank You Brandee and SMV.

– Darryl (Tony) Stewart